Prepaid Legal Services and Its Unique Business Opportunities

When it comes to a reputed and innovative legal company that gives you the combination of legal aid and business opportunities the name of prepaid legal services comes to mind, Prepaid Legal Services is a company that is very similar to that of an insurance company. The only difference in their case is that this company has a unique network of legal service providers that are accessible to people with ease. This company also gives you the opportunity to earn a regular source of income.

In any kind of legal service people generally pay monthly fees that are under 30 dollars in exchange for discounts and access to attorneys. In the case of Prepaid Legal Services, the company covers all types of legal events like the drafting of legal documents that cover letters, wills, conveyancing, thefts and many more issues. The benefit of this company is that if you require the services of a legal nature you can get the legal assistance that you are looking for. When you need to deal with legal issues that relate to simple matters this company can help you save lots of money. The moment you need a legal review you do not have to dish out high sums of money to the attorney who will just give you his time. There are many lawyers who will charge you a large amount for simple matters and the objective of Prepaid Legal Services is to avoid that.

There are many people who are resorting to the services of Prepaid Legal Services and they are very happy with the thought that they do not have to spend large amounts of money on an attorney who will just invest his time on your case. In addition to this, Prepaid Legal Services are providing many people with a unique business opportunity where people can sell and recruit others to sell prepaid legal memberships. The business opportunity that is follows is the MLM business structure that gives people the opportunity to earn solid income. The demand for the product is very good and for this reason there are a lot of people who are generating a regular source of income from this business venture with success.

With any prepaid legal service it is important to find out exactly what scenarios are covered in the plan that you have undertaken. For example, the majority of plans do not cover tort litigation, criminal cases, and are of little help in traffic cases. In spite of this Prepaid Legal Services are highly recommended especially when you are looking for legal advice on simple and general matters. These matters do not require specialized advice and in such cases it is not wise for you to go in for them at all.

This company is very useful to those who are seeking to earn a regular income every month without resorting to any hassles. This company is highly recommended for the purpose and it is successfully helping many with their money making venture effectively!

Side Dishes for You!

Many times we get all psyched up to cook a meal for family and friends, and we pick a main dish or dishes, steak, chicken, fish, and we determine how to cook, fricasee, barbecue, curry etc., but then what goes with what?

Often we then ‘settle’ for the boring rice, or boiled potatoes, or a loaf of french bread, with, wait for it, wait for it….. Garlic butter. And of course desert is ice cream! Sound familiar? Nothing wrong with these combination’s, but rather predictable.

If we invite people to our homes, to share a meal, unless we really do not like them, and are doing it out of obligation, some thought and creativity is really appreciated. It can be as simple as adding orange segments to a garden salad, (not the same as a fruit salad) or instead of garlic butter, serving a garlic flavoured cream cheese that is store bought. Again, quite palatable alternatives.

Let’s stretch the elastic here a bit, with some newish, simple things that can be done on the barbecue, or on a rainy day modified for the oven, and stove.

Bacon wrapped Sweet Corn

Simple simple simple. Wrap bacon around corn! OK, no so simple.The main thing to watch out for on a barbecue to prevent flare-ups, you must use a drip pan. That’s it? Yuppa, that’s it. I like to have a little honey on standby that for the adventurous you coat the bacon on the inside before wrapping around the corn. Just kidding, coat the corn! Use a toothpick soaked in water for at least 1/2 hour to avoid it catching fire, to peg the bacon to the corn so you can cook it standing up, it will cook more evenly this way.

Deep Fried Ice Cream

This takes some time, but is a shock for your guests that is well worth the effort.

You need almonds or any un-salted nut that you like chopped really fine, and for the binding agent egg whites. Take your favourite flavour of ice cream, my preference is vanilla, and using your ice cream scoop create little balls in a plate. Put the balls back in the freezer if in a rush for 1/2 hour, if not in a rush in the fridge for 2 hours to get really firm. Take the balls out and dip completely in the egg whites and coat with a layer of nuts. Put back in the fridge for a couple of hours. Re-coat with egg whites and nuts and back we go again with the firming in the fridge until our guests have almost finished eating their main courses, at least 2 hours.

Now comes the fun part. Either using a deep fryer with a non-flavouring oil like canola, or a pan, and get the temp of the oil to 365 degrees. Why? That is suggested as the perfect fry temp so that your food, meat, fries or now ice cream balls, do not absorb the oil. Drop the balls in for a couple of minutes until completely golden brown, and get each guest to fish their own balls out! Adds to the fun.

Bruschetta on your favourite French Bread or Melba Toast

This can be served with a meal, Salmon off the barbecue springs to mind, or as an appetizer.

Again so simple, yet your guests will appreciate the addition to an old favourite.

Buy chopped tomatoes in the can, mix with a store bought basil pesto, heat over a medium heat for 5 minutes while stirring constantly. Add some Romano or Parmesan cheese, with a sprinkling of chili peppers from a bottle and voila. Or you can make it from scratch.

In a food processor add 1 cup pine nuts, 1/4 cup olive oil, basil chopped coarsely and puree. Add your mix to a saute/fry pan with 2 cups of chopped tomatoes, 1 chopped chili pepper and stir in your cheese. Tadaaaah! Either way, simple easy to make, and the flavour combination is out of this world. You can also add salt and black pepper if you must, or experiment each time with a new herb. ( I know what flashed through your minds) Parsley, bay leaf, thyme, those are the safe, legal ones.

And finally what to do with the RICE? Hmmn. there are so many types of rice on the market today, pre-flavoured, Basmati, Jasmine etc, but, how about something a little different again, a set it and forget it dish. Since everyone seems to use a rice cooker nowadays, and after one or 2 uses you can be a self professed master rice maker. So go crazy. Add chicken broth, instead of plain water. Put in some noodles, green peas and broccoli, or one I love and my kids too, some frozen corn. For a bit of coloured rice, add some curry powder and cumin, or some soy sauce.

So, there you have it. Some simple suggestions that can add balance and extra flavour to your main course.

Always remember my secret recipe, cooking without a recipe. Make it fun and this will be reflected in your food. The only bad side perhaps, your guests will keep asking to be invited back!

Options in Satellite TV Entertainment

Generally, satellite shoppers are entitled with three options in United States satellite TV entertainment: TVRO satellite system, DBS satellite system, and the new comers PC satellite system.

DBS system

DBS is the acronym of Direct Broadcast Satellite. Low cost installation, maintenance-free, stable receptions, all these features make DBS system a enhanced commercial product when compare to the TVRO system. Satellite TV via DBS system is done in the Ku-Band. These satellites work on higher frequencies and can transmit higher power signals. This is why smaller dishes can be used to receive satellite signal for DBS systems.

Currently, DBS system is the most popular way for satellite TV entertainment. Dish Network and DirecTV are broadcast using DBS system. To view satellite TV programs using DBS system, all you need is a satellite signal decoder, a small satellite dish (18″), and of course, a TV. If you subscribe the service to Dish Network or DirecTV, you are also required to put on the subscription cards or the ‘Key’ to view the TV shows legally.

Yes, subscription card is necessary. It is no secret that there are ugly trend in DBS satellite TV where tech guys hack their existing programming-card; or some get their smart card through Internet. By stealing the satellite signals from Dish Network or DirecTV, users can avoid paying any subscription fees. Anyhow, hacking satellite TV descrambles is against the rules and you put yourself in the risk of legal actions. Consumers should beware and avoid falling on to such traps when there are vendors offering such kind of services.

TVRO system

TVRO, or in detail, Television Receive Only is the first satellite system available for home satellite viewing system. Often known as the Big Dish, or the Ugly Dish, TVRO system uses C-Band (in contrast to Ku-band for DBS system) for the signal transmission.

By using a movable big dish, TVRO systems are able to receive common TV programs as well as independent feeds from all over the world. As news broadcasting crews normally transmit their first hand broadcast materials via C Band (same as TVRO system), you could for instance receive the unedited material if your dish lay within the coverage area.

Satellite PC system

The extent of satellite TV entertainment was once again expanded with the introduction of satellite PC system in recent days. Satellite PC system means a piece of computer software that enables you to watch satellite TV programs on your PC monitors. There are various type of software available in the market but most will allow you to watch up to thousands satellite TV program from worldwide.

Some says satellite PC system is revolutionary; some says it’s full of fraud and crap; for us, we says it’s a little of both. A very important point to be noted is that satellite PC is not something similar like traditional satellite TV program as the channel list in satellite PC is quite different from the traditional one. Do not get disappointed when you notice your satellite PC covers hundreds of Asia/Arab channels but your favorite HBO is no where to be found. Further more, as satellite PC system is relative new in the market; there are lots of unanswered questions in term of the reliability of the software vendor. Do we get customer service on after sales? Is the satellite TV PC picture quality acceptable? Is everything with satellite TV PC legal (outside of US, since its taking worldwide TV programs)?

Now, on the positive side, just imagine being able to turn on the computer and within minutes, be viewing education, movie, shopping, sports, news, and weather channels. With satellite television to personal computer, you can. In fact, many people love the radio capabilities, coming right out of the computer. Just as with television, the computer satellite can provide crisp pictures and excellent audio.

The advantages of satellite television to personal computer are many. For instance, while the kids are watching a Disney channel, you could be watching your favorite movie or sporting event in the privacy of any room you want. Keep in mind that sometimes, cable television will not broadcast a particular game or movie but with satellite television, you will never miss your favorite channels again.

Setting up the different kind of satellite system

For TVRO system, you need to spend a big pile of greens for the equipments and the installation fees. Further on that, you will need to find out what programming is on and when to receive your familiar satellite TV show. To receive different TV program, you might need to move or adjust your big dish – definitely not an easy job for mom and pop users.

Setup and installation are much easier with DBS system. If you stay in United States, most probably you will subscribe to either Dish Network or DirecTV; they provide you the free standard system as well as install the system for you for free and you are ready to go. Cost effective, no maintenance, no moving big dishes, and no more further adjustment.

Setting up satellite PC requires basic computer knowledge. This includes installing the software as well as basic software usage knowledge (screen resolutions, picture size) to fit your needs. Satellite PC is cheap when compare to DBS and TVRO as it requires only one time setup fees (Around $100) and no equipments to be purchased (provided you own a PC).


The existent of satellite TV change how people view TV entertainments. While standard television was okay and cable TV is good, DBS satellite TV and satellite PC are considered ground-breaking. Keep in mind that with any advance technology, there are plus and negative points, if you ever wish to make any purchase, we recommend you to choose wisely and pick only the satellite system that fits your personal needs. Jumping into a deal blindly just does not suit our motto as a smart consumer.

The Dish: Hall Of Shadows

The BALCO controversy? Just a coupla cowboys, stabbin’ each other in the back.

Yahoo Sports reported this week that the source of the leaks that blew open the BALCO case against Barry Bonds and many others was BALCO defense lawyer Troy Ellerman. Which is already pretty crazy. The San Francisco Chronicle reporters who wrote the book Game Of Shadows, which had details of grand jury testimony which shouldn’t legally have gotten into the public domain, are currently awaiting sentencing of up to 18 months in prison for refusing to reveal their sources. Ellerman, who worked for the defense in the BALCO case, would be one weird hombre to be leaking information about Victor Conte and Bonds to reporters, wouldn’t you say?

Even weirder is the fact that Ellerman’s status as the potential leaker was exposed by private investigator Larry McCormack. Until recently, McCormack (who worked for the BALCO defense team in the first few months of the investigation) was the executive director of the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame, but was fired about three months ago. Ellerman, meanwhile, in addition to being a BALCO attorney, is the commissioner of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, and helped McCormack get his job at the hall of fame. It’s been alleged (and McCormack denies this) that the reason McCormack is now speaking out about Ellerman being the source of the leak is revenge for having lost his job at the hall of fame. Of rodeo.

How ironic is that, people? Bonds may never get to the Baseball Hall of Fame because of some dudes squabbling over the Rodeo Hall of Fame.

What do you think of the Allen Iverson deal? Is Denver a legitimate threat now? And is Philly a lock for the NBA’s worst record?

BoDog Bookmakers, The deal was probably the best deal Billy King could receive, given the circumstances. Firstly, he was able to get two more first-round picks that can be traded or used to bring in some young talent. In addition, Andre Miller is a solid player, and he should help keep the 76ers from looking much worse than they already do. After Carmelo was suspended, Denver needed to make this deal more than anyone. How do you replace the NBA’s leading scorer? Get the NBA’s second-leading scorer. Iverson never takes a game off, and for the first time he has a legitimate, All-Star-caliber teammate. His scoring may drop, but his assists-per-game could go through the roof now that he has someone to pass the rock to. George Karl is a winner; he’ll get the better end of the deal with his new Nuggets team. On the other end, Philadelphia has all but assured themselves Greg Oden or Texas phenom Kevin Durrant.

The Jets, Jaguars, Bengals or Broncos: which teams will win the AFC Wild Cards, and why?

BDB, The remainder of the Jags’ schedule is tough, considering they have to play the Pats and Chiefs to finish the season. The Jets are lacking in overall talent, but are well-coached and have an easier schedule ahead of them. The winner of the Denver/Cincy game will squeeze through, but other than that, it’s too tough to call.

And do a little NFC Wild Card analysis for us: Eagles, Giants or Falcons? How come?

BDB, Eagles QB Jeff Garcia has come in and played some very effective football. Remember his taunting penalty against the Giants? It just goes to show how fired up he is, and how much this team is driven to win. Along with having to deal with an inconsistent quarterback, player dissent toward the coach, and numerous injuries, the Giants have also had to cope with Tiki’s pre-retirement announcement. They’re lucky to have a somewhat easier schedule to finish with. First up, they have the Saints at home, and then travel to Washington to finish against the Redskins. The Falcons are another team in disarray. Jim Mora is coaching to save his job after damaging comments by both him and his father. I’m not sure if the players will even play well enough for him to keep it.

Bodog’s current odds on winning the Super Bowl include a few teams between 5:1 and 10:1. These teams obviously aren’t the favorites, but they might be a place to find some value. Which wager do you like best out of: Dallas (8-1), Indianapolis (11-2), New England (10-1) and New Orleans (5-1), and why?

BDB, New England at 10-1 looks very good. The team is 10-4, with an outside chance of getting a bye. Tom Brady and coach Belichick are both winners. I think the loss against the Dolphins really reignited the fire within them.