Court Origins With Legal Studies

If one has a sudden urge to probe further into how justice is carried out in the courts of law, it may do one well to sign up for a course in legal studies. As its name suggests, it deals with the study of all matters legal. It also addresses the origins of the dishing out of fairness from days of old to present times. As depicted in the old westerns whereby gun slingers met at high noon to do away with one another, the scales of justice may have stemmed from such radical practices. With the progress in mental faculties, man decided to put in place a judicial system whereby one is considered innocent until proven guilty.

In ancient times, man asked God to appoint judges from amongst themselves to rule over them and carry out just action unto those who did wrong. Thinking themselves wise for appointing man to govern their peers instead of seeking the wisdom of the Creator thus began a generation of good and bad judges with their respective share of clean and corrupt practices. Many generations onward, the system continues to make every effort to exhibit fairness in all situations despite very trying circumstances.

The adage of the pen being mightier than the sword rings true in the courts of law. The power of writing is most effective as one trained in legal studies endeavors to deliver a clear and concise interpretation of the cases and their proceedings. As this topic focuses on the foundations on which the judicial system is built upon, one gains an appreciation into the intricacies and complexities to deliver fairness with integrity. Despite close dealings with the legal subject, one does not need to have prior training in law. Hence, those intending to pursue this course need not come from a breeding of lawyers. Upon successful completion, one has the satisfaction of comprehending how the legal system works. However, one is not qualified to practice law at any level.