Employee Bonus Agreements – Behind the Legal Jargon

Chances are, if you had never heard of an Employee Bonus Agreement before the beginning of 2009, you have now. The infamous bonus agreements dished out by AIG have been front page news, but what exactly is an employee bonus agreement and why are they sometimes so controversial?

The root of that explanation lies in the fact that bonus agreements are created, issued and signed at the time an employee is hired. In the case of AIG, a government bailout like the one that occurred was not foreseen so language specifically related to an outcome such as that was never written into the contract. AIG had their legal hands tied and the bonuses were, for the most part, still paid, although some were later returned by good-hearted employees.

In general, an employee bonus agreement is a straight forward and very brief document. They begin by stating the name of the company and the name of the individual employee (or group of employees) that the document covers. The first proper section of the agreement spells out what the bonuses are and under what circumstance they can be earned. This section can either be quite short, if the bonuses are straight forward and automatic, or it can be quite lengthy if there are several strings attached.

Some bonus contracts than have sections that spell out how the bonuses are paid (cash, stock, other assets) and when they are paid. One section that every agreement like this has is a part on termination. In some cases, termination prior to the completion of the requirements to receive a bonus can result in a complete forfeit of any bonus monies, but other contracts are pro-rated and you receive a percentage of your bonus based on what percentage of your goal you obtained before your dismissal. There is also a separate section stating how the company in question is obligated to notify you of your termination.

The final part of the contract often spells out what sort of tax obligation the employee would have for their bonuses, what kind of severance package a terminated employee would receive and if amendments to the initial agreement are allowed or not. Overall, an agreement such as this is very straight forward and quite simple to write, read and follow. However, as was seen in the recent AIG bailout, these simple documents can make a huge impact on the way a company does business.

Is It Legal to Copycat Restaurant Recipes?

There’s a proliferation of books, both printed and electronic (downloadable from the Web), that purport to tell you how to copy your favorite dishes from your favorite restaurants. Some of these are better than others, but they all raise the question: Is it legal to “copycat” recipes in this way?

These days, with the music industry going after people who use file-sharing services to illegally post songs for others to copy, and with prominent anti-copying warnings from the FBI stuck on every movie DVD we rent or purchase, it’s a natural question. People wonder if they are breaking some law by cloning a restaurant’s most famous recipe–whether it’s by passing around the instructions or by actually cooking and serving it to friends.

Mind you, I’m no lawyer. But I’ve talked to a couple of lawyer friends as well as to a number of restaurant managers. The bottom line is this: If you cook up your favorite steak or lobster dish (or whatever) copied from Big Name Restaurant–even if it’s an exact duplicate–you need not worry that a SWAT team is going to break down your door and haul you away. Nor will an army of lawyers be descending on your kitchen.

Now, if you decide to open your own restaurant with dishes copied from well-known chain restaurants, and if you are so un-subtle as to give them the same names as the originals, you might have trouble on your hands! Short of this unlikely scenario, you’re probably safe. But we’re not talking here about going into business with other people’s recipes, are we? (If you’re contemplating anything along that line, then you really must consult an attorney.)

Cooking for friends can be fun. It can be more fun if you serve them dishes that are exactly like ones from their favorite restaurant. If that’s your intention, and you’re doing it in a private setting, you can set your mind at ease about the law. The only question then becomes, what dish do I want to clone, and where can I get a genuine recipe?

Dish Network Deals – Questions And Answers

While Dish Network had been around in the market for up to 10 years, many shoppers are still not sure about their satellite TV offers. In fact most are confused with the overloaded marketing campaign. Just in case you’re one of those looking for direct answers, perhaps this shoppers Q and A session can help.

Is Dish Network the largest satellite TV Company in United States?

Nope, Dish Network is the second largest satellite company in United States; the largest is DirecTV instead. They own about 15 million subscribers at the time of writing; while more than 18 millions subscribe to DirecTV.

Dish Network is offering free satellite TV deals to everyone, right?

Wrong, Dish Network’s free satellite TV deals are only for first time customers. Also, you will need to commit to one year subscription contract if you want those satellite systems for free.

What are the decoder models are we getting for Dish Network free deals?

The choice of your free decoder system depends on your package. In general, DISH 311, 322; DVR 510, 522; and HDTV DVR 921 are the models you’ll be getting.

Do I need to install my own dish system if I place my order with Dish Network?

No you don’t have to install your own dish system. Installation of Dish Network is free of charge and your dealer should get it done for you. Just in case you need help or legal advice, the official number to call is 1.888.284.7116.

What are the standard programming packages available in Dish Network service?

Dish Network programmings are packaged into five main standard packages: Dish Family, America Top 100, America Top 200, America Top 250, and America EverythingPak. Subscription costs for these programming packages ranged from $19.99 to $79.99. In case HD programming is for you, Dish Network offers HDTV services in several standard packages as well: DishHD Bronze, DishHD Silver, DishHD Gold, and DishHD Platinum.

Is ordering Dish Network online safe?

Dish Network online dealer had been around for a long time – in fact online Dish Network dealer like AllSat is in the business since Dish Network started their service back in the 90s. Thus, I’m convinced that the ordering process online is safe.

Can I order Dish Network via phone?

Yes, you can but you’ll need a promotion code. Call 1.800.425.5728, promo code CJ2457353.

How does Dish Network perform when compare with DirecTV?

Dish Network has more International and HD channels (30+) with a slightly cheaper subscription price. On the other hand, DirecTV is more well-known and they offer several exclusive sports packages that you can’t get elsewhere (NFL Sunday Ticket, NASCAR Hot Shot… etc).

Wrapping things up…

I hope the Q&A solved your doubts and help you to make wiser choice when shopping for satellite TV services.

My last piece of advice? Don’t get overwhelmed by their lucrative bargains. Dish Network (or DirecTV) might be offering their huge programming package in a very cheap price but be aware that you probably do not need that much of channels in their package. Be a smart consumer, get what you need from their service and avoid their marketing traps.

How You Can Legally Have Satellite Tv For Free

Satellite Television is such an awesome thing to have. For those of you that dont know what satellite tv is, it is a communication between satellites around the world that pick up every single station you can think of and it is delivered straght to your tv. While satellite tv can be pretty costly with all of the monthly charges, it is definitely a whole new experience for the televison viewers.

Now, wouldnt it be great to get television for free? While this may be a dream come true to many satellite fans, it can really be reality for them now. With much money spent down the drain with monthly payments to the satellite tv company, you may want to reconsider your options if you are interested in getting it.

I am not talking about setting up a satellite dish in your yard that takes up so much space either. I mean you could initially you could do it that way to get free cable but who really wants to go through setting up something so big in your backyard or on your house like that.

So how can you get Satellite Television for Free?

Well, there is new software out now that you can download onto your computer that transmits through the internet and picks up thousands of channels for free. This way of getting satellite tv is very cheap and legal. Plus you dont get a cheap version of telvision either, Im talking about you get over 3000 channels of all your favorite tv shows.

With some of the software features you can also get free acess to many new realeased movies. All of the software is compatible with all types of processors and will not cause a virus or spyware/adware.The best thing about this type of new software that you can get for satellite is that you can watch anything you want at your own convenience.

Lets say you are at work and you are dying to see the NFL game on Sunday, well dont worry because you would be able to look it up in the system and play it when you get home. Everything is on your schedule.

If you like the idea of this new type of satellite tv software for your computer, I strongly recommend you check out Satellite TV for PC. They have been a reliable company for over 7 years now with many satisfied customers.